Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strawberry Moon

I was born in June. Apparently, the Native Americans gave my moon a name and called her Strawberry Moon.

I was born in the night. My mother says after hours of painful labor I entered this world while my Strawberry Moon was in her First Quarter.

My herbalist tells me this time of the lunar phase is known as the ‘Crisis of Action;’ that those born at the First Quarter need to resolve the inner conflict between their solar and lunar energies by taking decisive action in the outer world.

No wonder I always feel the way I do. On the verge of some major life altering decision.

My spiritual life is marked by what I call a recurring crisis of belief. This crisis typically arises around the 14th day of my menstrual cycle and lasts through the first day of menstruation at which point the fog that has settled around my brain lifts and clears as the blood begins to flow.

I was beginning to accept this was just my pattern, that I was as my mother recently told me, just cyclical in nature. Until I met David, my herbalist, who tells me he specializes in women’s hormonal cycles. Known also as a medical astrologist, David tells me the same day we meet that women’s menstrual cycles tend to follow a lunar pattern, both cycles repeating monthly, every 29 or 30 days.

Clearly I found this intriguing...

This recent encounter and persistent thoughts I’ve had of late regarding the emotional roller coaster being a women can be led to these posts. For years now I’ve pondered this notion of how the woman’s hormonal cycle affects the spiritual life. I guess that’s why I now find myself here in this place.

As usual, when I ask God a question, instead of receiving a direct answer I find I am led on a journey to discover its meaning.


Unknown said...

Okay the strawberry moon sounds intriguing. I'm curious to know more about it. Also would like to know more about the field of medical astrology and how that directly ties into your spiritual insights. Nice overview though. Would love to see how this all develops.

Unknown said...

Excellent, especially the notion that love is not easy and true does not worry about being viewed as desperate but does what it wills. Also, on vulnerability, this post spoke to me as I've been struggling with how vulnerable to be. In fact, God is vulnerable with us, even though we keep rejecting and hurting him. But he still shows us love and is definitely not afraid of what we think when he does this, making a great model for loving. Very powerful, thank you for sharing!